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On Site Welding Services

Miller Site Services offer mobile onsite welding services that are ideal for projects that cannot be completed in a welding shop. For better and more suitable results, these welding projects should be handled onsite, such as maintenance and repair services to metal structures, construction, and installations.

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onsite welding services
Welding Services - Cofferdams

A cofferdam is an underwater enclosure constructed to displace water with air for the purpose of creating a dry work environment for underwater repairs.

Each and every cofferdam is separately built according to client specifications. This careful and distinctive construction process requires that each cofferdam is fully airtight while also being resistant to possible side effects of welding.

Miller Site Services offer a seal welding service to ensure that cofferdams remain water tight and inpenetrable.

on site welding services
Welding Services - Piling Works

Sheet pile installation may require site welding. Miller site services welders are on site to provide a range of welding processes including;

Stitch Welding/Full Welding - The purpose of this is to add strength. This is useful around corners. One side of the pile is fully welded, whilst on the other side it is stitch welded, ie welds are intermittent.

Tack Welding - Normally done when the pile line changes direction, degrees or angles of the pile line. Once the required change has been made, ie a corner, it will be tack welded into the new position. This is similar to stitch welding but not as long. It's temporary in order to hold piles in position until they are fully welded.

Butt Welding - Sheet Piles come in various lengths, but on occasion it may be necessary to lengthen a pile by butt welding piles together on site.

Structural Welding - Can be Butt, Solid, Overhead or Cap Welding. Cap welding comes in 3 parts: Route, Fill and Cap. These types of welding are permanent welds.

Seal Welding - When Sheet Piles are required to be water tight or prevent any other substance penetrating through, seal welding is used. A a sealing weld is applied to the pile clutch after the piles have been installed. The seal weld is for sealing joints to prevent leakage; they are a containment measure and do not add to the joint strength.

Welding Services - Hard Facing
Welding Services - Hard Facing

Miller Site Services offers a hard facing welding service for industrial machinery. Hardfacing is a metalworking process where harder or tougher material is applied to a base metal by welding.

Hardfacing may be applied to a new part during production to increase its wear resistance, or it may be used to restore a worn-down surface. Hardfacing by arc welding is a surfacing operation to extend the service life of industrial components, pre-emptively on new components, or as part of a maintenance program. The result is significant savings in machine down time and production costs.

Welding Services - Onsite Fabrication
Welding Services - Onsite Fabrication

If you need qualified welders or just a person to finish off a job on site, we can supply qualified welders with a wealth of experience. On-site Fabrication is the process of preparing components ready for assembly on site. Our welding team can work in various conditions (environmental, different industries and plants).

Welding Services - Onsite Alterations
Welding Services - Onsite Alterations

Miller Site Services offer a complete welding alteration service to our clients. We can modify, alter and repair metal work on site with our specialist team of welders.